For the smart business Wavuh is business software for SMEs made to accelerate their growth; customers & sales, HR & payroll, supply chain, finance and operations

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Software in the cloud Wavuh runs on a secure, affordable and reliable cloud close to home to ensure that your SME's data and documents are available to your SME whenever and wherever it is needed

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For local problems The software is customized to cater for the needs of the small business. It is translated in Swahili and other languages to bring the home experience to your SME

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Make great decisions Our business intelligence tools within the software ensure that you make rapid and informed business decisions for now and the future

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What we do?

We provide all round automation of SME operations as well as providing comprehensive business intelligence through enterprise resource planning.

Why Choose Us ?

We customize the application to suit your enterprise needs while supporting you 24-hours day at an unbeatable value. We also provide extra tools like email & SMS integration.

Our business

Whether you'd like a on-premise installation or a web based hosted solution, we help you to setup your operations so that your data is accessible to you as, at and when you need it.

Who are some of our happy customers?

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